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Columbia Wikischolars | Collaborative Web sites for faculty, researchers, and scholars[1]
Please note that Wikischolars is a pilot service. Check this page and the CDRS site for future updates.

Columbia Wikischolars is an online collaboration service for Columbia University researchers and scholars. Columbia researchers, instructors, and graduate students can request a Wikischolars wiki site. A wiki is a Web site that is easy to create, update, and revise without having to know any programming language. Wikis facilitate collaboration by allowing multiple organizers and members.

Columbia University faculty members, researchers, and graduate students use Wikischolars to support collaborative research and scholarship projects with colleagues both on and off the Columbia University campus. Wiki organizers can then invite colleagues to become members of the wiki and collectively use the site to
  • Create web pages
  • Discuss research or teaching topics
  • Share files up to a size limit of 100MB
  • Embed resources from elsewhere online, like Google Drive and YouTube

Your Wikischolars wiki is a secure space to which you control access. A site can be customized to permit varying levels of user permissions. The wiki can be made public or can be restricted to members. Scholars without a Columbia affiliation can be invited to be members of a Wikischolars wiki.

For more information about the Wikischolars service, please email

What is the difference between Wikischolars and CTL Wikispaces?

The CTL Wikispaces service is restricted to Columbia UNI holders and is primarily used for courses at Columbia. (In fact, each course automatically has a CTL Wikispaces site, which can be activated by the instructor ). The Wikischolars service can be used by Columbia faculty, staff and graduate students as well, but can also be made available to non-Columbia affiliates. Researchers, scholars, and instructors may use either service depending on the audience that should have access to the site.

Why is there a size limit on files I can upload to my wiki?

This service is meant primarily for creating web pages to facilitate research collaboration--not for storing or preserving files. If you need space for storing and sharing files, contact the IT support person designated for your department or group to find out your options. If you are a Columbia faculty member and would like to explore options for preserving your finalized digital research content, please visit the site of Academic Commons, Columbia's research repository, or contact the an Academic Commons representative at

Can I use my wiki to share confidential or sensitive research data, or work produced from a course?

Columbia Wikischolars wikis are hosted by a private company, owned by Tangient, LLC. All researchers who request and use a Wikischolars wiki are responsible for adhering to all official Columbia University guidelines regarding research data. Users who intend to release student information of any kind within their wikis will need explicit, written permission from the student(s) to do so. Please see the Policy on Access to Student Records (FERPA), Office of Research Compliance and Training, Institutional Review Board, Handling Personally Identifiable Information, Obligations and Responsibilities of Officers of Instruction and Research, and related sites for more information.

How can I learn more about Wikischolars?

Please direct questions to, which reaches a team of wiki administrators at the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) and the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). The CTL holds workshops at the beginning of each semester covering the use of Wikispaces and Wikischolars for course use. To learn more about workshops offered by the CTL visit or e-mail

Wikischolars and Wikispaces are sponsored by the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) and the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning(CTL). For more information on CDRS services and projects, please email For more information about the CTL's services and projects email

Columbia Wikischolars and Columbia Wikispaces are hosted at, owned by Tangient, LLC.
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